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Download DelivMeds App

Step 1: Download the DelivMeds app to join your local community of dedicated pharmacies. Create your account and choose your preferred pharmacy close to work or home!

Locate, Verify, & Send (HIPAA Compliant)

Step 2: Locate your prescription, verify the prescription, and select your pharmacy of choice & delivery method.

Get Your Meds Delivered

Step 3: Get your order up to same day! Prescription transfers and prescription refills can be delivered to you in no time. Once your order is paid for, pick a time for delivery, and rest and relax.

Why use DelivMeds?

No Hidden Fees

Free to join and pay for nothing more than your typical copay.

Backed By Humans

Text or call your available pharmacist and say goodbye to voicemails.

Making A Difference

All orders are placed with Locally Owned and Chain Pharmacies.

New Prescriptions

For new prescriptions, simply tell your doctor to send your script to DelivMeds pharmacy. This gives you the power to better manage your prescription and medication regimen.

Refill Reminders

Don’t stress refills ever again! Our system makes it easy to add and manage your prescriptions. Get reminders when it is time to confirm your next refill and get it the same day, manage your Prescriptions or your Family Members in one easy to use portal.


Speak to your pharmacist about your prescription or medical condition, anytime through DelivMeds.

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Supporting Local & National Pharmacies

Get your meds delivered to your location, easy, fast, and convenient!

We fully support Local & National Pharmacies. All orders are placed with Local & National Pharmacies, where service and your health are their #1 priority.


Benefits and Features

  • A Mobile Application that enables remote users to manage prescriptions; delivery; and adherence in an affordable and efficient manner.
  • A Prescription Adherence Tool; that empowers patients to take control of their own medication, delivery options and management process both remotely and while in transit;
  • A fully integrated, automated, end-to-end healthcare resource vehicle that enables prescription management, delivery, discounting, and “live” synchronous telehealth services.
  • Designed with a compliant payment collection tool that is integrated into workflow that preserves Pharmacy regulatory compliance with state and federal laws, including PBM Pharmacy Audits.
  • A first-of-a-kind mobile adherence tool that serves as a gateway to profitable partnerships: large-scale enterprise and Independent pharmacy, prescription drug manufacturers, drug discount and voucher – buy-down partners, national and local delivery service companies, and insurers and prescription adjudication and claims software solutions
  • A New “Real-time” Data Tool that aggregates patient adherence and prescription drug participation measures, including a consumer-driven mobile healthcare tracking feature.

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