Get Your Meds Delivered For Free By A Local Pharmacy!

Download DelivMeds App

Step 1: Download the DelivMeds app to join your local community of dedicated pharmacies. Create your account and choose your preferred pharmacy close to work or home!

Enter Rx Info (HIPAA Compliant)

Step 2: Enter your prescription and insurance info (insurance not required). Prescription refills, Rx transfers, and new orders can be placed with the snap of a pic from your phone!

Get Your Meds Delivered

Step 3: Get your order up to same day! Prescription transfers and prescription refills can be delivered to you in no time. Once your order is paid for, pick a time for delivery, and rest and relax.



No Hidden Fees

Free to join and pay for nothing more than your typical copay.

Backed By Humans

Text or call your available pharmacist and say goodbye to voicemails.

Making A Difference

All orders are placed with Locally Owned Independent Pharmacies.

New Prescriptions

For new prescriptions, simply tell your doctor to send your script to your pharmacy of choice on the App. We list the ones in your area by delivery address to make it easy, choose “Order Rx”, fill out your order details and allow the pharmacy to handle the rest.

Refill Reminders

Don’t stress refills ever again! Our system makes it easy to add and manage your prescriptions. Get reminders when it is time to confirm your next refill and get it the same day, manage your Prescriptions or your Family Members in one easy to use portal.

Why use DelivMeds?

  • Stop Wasting Your Time Waiting At Pharmacies

    Stop waiting at Big Box Chain Pharmacies and Supermarkets for your meds, they just want you to wait and buy more stuff anyway.

  • Your Time Is Valuable, Make The Best of It

    Use the time to go home and rest, get back to work or school, or go to the beach and make memories with your friends and family!

  • Support Your Local Community

    Support Local Community Pharmacies, mom and pop shops, they rock and care about their patients’ health and well-being! You are not just a number to them!

  • It‘s Easy, it’s Free!

    It’s easy, convenient, and sooooooo worth it! Download the app today and get Meds Your Way TODAY!

Supporting Local Community Pharmacies

Get your meds delivered to your location, easy, fast, and convenient!

We fully support Local Community Pharmacies. All orders are placed with Local Independent Pharmacies, where service and your health are their #1 priority.

Pay equal or less than your average insurance copay

No insurance?

No problem, pharmacies will provide you with the best cash (out of pocket) price available

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